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In response to the egregious killings of Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, among many others, recent demonstrations and protests have united against the violent patterns of racial inequality. The Brown Consulting Club stands in absolute solidarity with the Black community.

Our leadership team is committed to standing against failures in the American system that have perpetuated racism, including police brutality and mass incarceration. We pledge to start by petitioning, spreading awareness, and donating, and we encourage our members and the Brown community to join us.

We believe that silence is unacceptable, not simply in light of recent events but at all times. The management consulting industry is one of many fields that has historically benefited privileged identity groups and marginalized others through a lack of representation and high barriers in the recruiting process. As a pre-professional student organization, we have a responsibility to actively work to further the inclusion of those underrepresented through increased educational resources, partnerships with campus identity groups, experiential opportunities, and improvements to our own recruitment process. We have an internal committee focused specifically on these initiatives, and though we choose not to publicize the work for PR, please feel free to reach out to learn more about this work and/or provide feedback on what you feel we may be missing.

As a nation, we are being called upon to enact positive change. For students looking to get involved, see below for links to compilations of resources spanning from education, donations, petitions, and more:

1. blacklivesmatters.carrd.co: Interactive website with links to maps to protests, ways to donate financially with no money (yes, it’s possible!), and ways to educate yourself.
2. tinyurl.com/help-from-home: Brown student-created spreadsheet (segmented by action) on ways to take action at home.
3. tinyurl.com/yb7fm73v: One pager that can be printed and distributed to your local community.
4. emailforblm.com: Brown student-created resource to easily email your appointed elected officials (takes ~ 2 minutes to send 30+ emails).

With Love and In Solidarity,
Brown Consulting Club

About Us

The mission of the Brown Consulting Club is to be a fully student-run organization that:

Prepares students for careers in consulting through real projects: Club members will have the opportunity to work on semester-long consulting projects with real companies to learn about the field and what it means to be a consultant. These concrete experiences will help students understand the field and hone their skills.

Meaningfully grows companies and addresses their research needs: A primary goal is the Brown Consulting Club is to have a meaningful impact on companies by providing extremely high-quality consulting work and helping to answer difficult questions.

Genuinely values increasing accessibility to the consulting industry: BCC was founded to provide resources and opportunities to students interested in consulting. BCC constantly strives to improve equity and inclusion both in BCC as awell as the consulting indsutry. We value differences in student backgrounds and perspectives; when every member is empowered, we're able to critically solve challenges to create meaningful impact.

Is pre-professional and acts as a liaison between students and the field of consulting: In addition to holding education sessions that teach students how to prepare for case and behavioral interviews, the Brown Consulting Club will bring consulting firms on campus for networking events and case competitions to help students and members network with firms as well as connect firms to students who are interested and experienced in the field of consulting.

To learn more about our mission and team, please visit our about page.

Become A Client

We’ll provide your company with top-notch consulting completely free of charge and tailored to your company and your mission. Our members are all carefully selected through a rigorous application process, including a written statement, case study, and interview. Below are some of the services we offer:

Business Development

Creating long-term value for our company through extensive research into your customers, markets, and relationships.

Growth Strategy

Developing strategies to enter new markets and innovative ways to expand current revenue streams to increase profit.

Marketing Solutions

Establishing creative advertising and marketing tactics to increase customer base and raise brand awareness.

Reach out to Summer and Andrew, our Projects Vice Presidents, to learn more. For some past examples of our work, visit our clients page.

Become A Consultant

As part of the Brown Consulting Club, you’ll have opportunities to immerse yourself in real-world projects and gain hands-on experience in the field of consulting. You’ll also be a part of the BCC family and receive mentoring from upperclassment as well as premiere access to our network of recruiters and alumni to help prepare you for a career in consulting.

Visit our join page to learn more about how to become a member of BCC.

Become A Sponsor

As a partner, you’ll receive access to the brightest young prospects in consulting, and the opportunity to make your company the face of consulting at Brown in our case competition.

Please visit the sponsors page or reach out to brownconsultingclub@brown.edu to learn more.

Become A Partner

Let us help your recruiting efforts at Brown! As a partner, we'll help you promote your info session and/or other recruiting events to students at Brown.

Please visit the partners page or reach out to brownconsultingclub@brown.edu to learn more.

Contact Us

Questions? Send us a message at brownconsultingclub@brown.edu.

BCC is dedicated to equity and inclusion. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to harold_truong@brown.edu.